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            Lindsay Bottos is a Baltimore- based multidisciplinary artist working mostly in film photography, video, and poetry.  Personal experience is the driving force behind her work; especially experiences with intimacy, interpersonal relationships, and often the ways that those experiences are affected by the current digital and social media age.

Dreamy and poignant are words often used to describe Lindsay’s work. Many of their words and images are dripping in softness and nostalgia, but maintain a grounded and often profoundly simple viewpoint and aesthetic.

Their work is most often displayed and distributed in the form of self-published books and zines. Making and distributing accessible, affordable, and tactile ways to view and interact with art has always been important to them. In addition to publications, Lindsay’s work has also been in galleries internationally, as well as features in various news sources, including Good Morning America, Huffington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.